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Dave Curtis and Rich Noble

Monsters Ink Tattoo is the brainchild of Dave Curtis, owner of Graveyard Records & Movie Maniacs, the Midwest's premier horror memorabilia and collectors shop. Wanting to expand his evil empire he approached tattooist Rich Noble (RIP) about opening a horror themed tattoo shop. The two of them discussed what type of environment each had envisioned and came to the conclusion that they had the same ideas and work ethic to make a successful partnership. Dave the marketing and face of promotion and Rich the one who had the knowledge and equipment to make this happen. Rich comes from 10 years in the business, has seen all it’s sides and knows what will make this shop stand out and be a force in the scene.

Dave's vision of the lobby consisted of a back alley look like London after Midnight or Jack the Ripper/Whitechapel from late 19th Century London, England. Low lit and brick with classic horror figures and movie props. Pictures paying homage to the origins of horror films Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, The Bride etc. Life size animated mannequins and scaled down figures in display cases will keep customers interested for a while. A monitor playing early black and white horror films is also there for viewing pleasure. His vision is now reality and our customers are treated to a visual spectacle not found in other shops.

The lobby gives the customer a chance to sit and relax when waiting instead of being bored to death. That is if they are not looking through the thousands of pieces of flash on the walls, in books and on a super computer at the desk.

Rich has been collecting flash for over 10 years and has something for everybody. We like to joke “if you can’t find an idea here even a quick maybe then your not really interested”. We may have a ton of flash but all of our artists are more than happy to custom make a piece for you. The actual tattooing area of the shop is a complete opposite of the darker lit lobby. That area is well lit and very spacious. Four (4) work stations are available and we have a steady stream of what ever type music going all day. Even the bathroom is cool with movie posters in it. The most boring room is the clean room where we clean and sterilize our equipment. The most exciting thing in there is the foot operated sink. Our autoclave and test results for it are available upon customer request.

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